About Us

For all your turnkey solutions, be sure to always play it safe – by placing your trust in one of the leading Systems Integrators in the Middle East. AvermaSoft stands for premium software development, quality and expertise around the region with its offices in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Jordan. 

The company has a set of products and projects. Some of its products are:

- Oqoud (Contract Management System) 

- ATM 360

- Drug Registration System

No matter what your specific requirements are, AvermaSoft hast the proven expertise as a fundamental and vital member of the ICT community in the Middle East.


AvermaSoft guarantees that all of your requirements are completely met, especially with regard to e-Services and Custom Development. And here’s why you can be so sure: we can dramatically improve your competitive advantage.

AvermaSoft’s next-generation technology solutions help you solve complex business challenges, increase your productivity and organizational effectiveness in order to realize your full potentials and to transform your business inside out.

AvermaSoft develops custom software applications for IT departments and application services providers.


AvermaSoft solutions are used in a broad range of industries and functions, including government, education, healthcare and banking. With a unique focus on building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, AvermaSoft has created a solid reputation for exceeding client expectations with quality work and fast delivery turnaround.

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Mohammad Muhtasib


Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat

Partner & Co-Founder

Bashar Kalaldeh

General Manager & Co-Founder