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ATM360 is a comprehensive easy-to-use Analytical Solution, which works on managing and analyzing the performance of the ATMs at the financial institutions.


- Usage of electronic scalable maps for visualization and

  analysis of the financial institution business results from

  a territorial standpoint

- A Contract Management Module that manages all types

  of contracts along with their rules, payments, and


- Predefined ready-to-go views with ATM network

  management best practices for instant ROI

- Easy system administration

- In-depth analysis of data gives insight to business 



- Increment in ATM Profitability and Cost


- Capability Planning for growth and control of assets.


ATM Profile 

Add new ATM and update the ATM information and add some specifications for multiple ATMs


(Cost + Contracts) 

Add new cost from type one time or recurring and define multiple contracts as a cost for a group of ATMs


(Benefits + Transactions)

Add new benefits as a direct benefits or indirect benefits such as branding and define the transactions types with related fees


Profitability vs. Cost 

Calculate the ATM cost within time interval and calculate the profit for specific ATMs upon the selected profit schema

ATM Transactions Analysis Report 

Using the ATM Transaction Analysis Report tool, the user will be able to make a periodically comparison between KPIs

Feasibility study (By using calculator

+ by using Map) 

Used to make a study for new location by using calculator (calculate the expected revenue and cost) to make a right decision of deployment for the new ATM or by using a Map put the new ATM on the map and then the system calculate the average of revenue and cost for the near ATMs


Used the legend of selected profit schema to make an indication for the ATM Colors depends on the KPI’s of profit schema for transactions or cost or revenue and give the location of ATMs on the Map and give the Most 5 ATMs has a higher ATM transactions or cost of cash

Contract Management 

Used to add new contracts such as rent, maintenance, internet, purchase and other contracts then make an installments schedule within time interval and make a notification for expired contracts or before installment date

Profitability Schemas and KPI’s 

Used to define a new profit schema including some variables or remove it or change the value of all variables by ratio value


Give an indication for the ATM profits and costs and the locations of all ATMs and the remaining cash for all ATMs within time interval and reports for all contracts and details and ATM transactions report